State Events


Junior Chamber Leadership Academy (JCLA) registration is open – ONLINE    or    PAPER

December 9, 2017       8:00am registration
8:30am – 3:00pm trainings and breakout sessions
Location: Central Square Community Center 100 7th Ave N, South St Paul, MN 55075

Jaycees Leadership Academy is an opportunity for incoming chapter officers and members to receive the training needed to become effective leaders within their local chapter and community.
Lunch will be provided



State Bowling

We are accepting bids for State Bowling – CLICK HERE

State Softball

We are accepting bids for State Softball – CLICK HERE.

Hosting a State Event

Bid can be completed by filling out an online form and sending a check for the bid bond of $100.00 per each event to the Chapter Service Center. Bids and bid bonds are due thirty (30) days before the State Meeting at which the event will be awarded. Chapters not receiving the bid will have their bid bond(s) returned to them following the meeting. Chapters receiving a bid will have their bond(s) returned as soon as:


1. The JCI Minnesota Chapter Service Center receives a completed PMG after the event has been held. The PMG for this purpose is a separate PMG from the one submitted for judging.


2. The chapter has fulfilled all of its obligations under the contract


3. Said PMG is received within forty-five (45) days after the Saturday of the event or within forty-five (45) days of the first Saturday following the event in situations where the event is not conducted on a Saturday.


After your chapter has decided to bid on a meeting or sporting event, it is wise to correspond with the chapter that hosted the event the year before and request a copy of their records or PMG. Also, get suggestions from Chapters in your region that have hosted or bid JCI Minnesota events in the past. Then contact JCI Minnesota Administrative Vice President with any questions.


In preparing the JCI Minnesota Event Bid form, make sure all questions are answered completely and provide additional materials, as you feel necessary, to seal your bid. Of course, make sure to follow all JCI Minnesota Bylaws and Policies relating to the event for which you are bidding. It is very important to prepare your bid with the top priority of being an excellent host to your fellow Jaycees.


The first formal event in receiving your bid is at the Finance Committee meeting. This is the meeting where your bid will be certified. Certification is simply getting Finance Committee approval that your bid has met the Bylaws and Policies and was received on time in the Chapter Service Center.

The second formal event in receiving your bid is the Executive Committee meeting. The Finance Committee will give a certification report on your bid at the Executive Committee Meeting. There is no need to have your chapter members attend, as there is no presentation to be given. However, if you desire to have someone present or to pass out flyers, etc., feel free to do. The Executive Committee will be making a recommendation on your bid at the Board of Directors meeting.


The Board of Directors meeting is held on Saturday morning at JCI Minnesota conventions. Be sure to check the schedule to determine time, places, etc. At that meeting you will be allowed a presentation to your fellow Jaycees. Your Chapter is allocated three minutes to present your bid. The bid presentation should include more than just the reading of your bid. It is usually wise to add humor and media assistance to sell your program. However, be sure to give the specifics on your bid (location, date, cost, etc.) and key selling points that make your bid or site unique. It is also good to have flyers, banners, pins, posters, etc. A good size delegation from your chapter is very impressive and gets votes.


In addition to having an excellent bid presentation, you must work hard to sell your bid. Many Chapters use the Friday night hospitality booth setting to do this. If you’d like a hospitality booth on Friday night of the convention, contact the Conventions Program Manager. You may wish to advertise your event in the statewide publication; the Gopher. Be sure to check on cost and specific guidelines or requirements.


Fill out this form to submit state event bid information and mail the bid bond to the Chapter Service Center