Passport to Civic Leadership

Passport to Civic Leadership

Passport to Civic Leadership is a membership tool designed to quickly immerse new members into their Jaycee careers and help veteran Jaycees grow and develop their individual, managerial and business skills. Participation in the program leads members to a satisfactory Jaycee experience and results in higher member retention for the chapter.
Members will be recognized at each state convention with the highest degree they earned for that convention. Upon completing the entire program, members will receive a 10th Degree pin from the US Jaycees.



How the program works

The program is designed to take two to three years to complete, and is accomplished in 10 phases, or degrees. Each degree introduces the member to a new aspect of the Jaycee experience, develops a different leadership skill, and builds on the skills and steps previously attained. The program is self-directed and members can proceed at their own pace.



How do members report their degree achievements?



Members can report their degree by two methods:

The first is to use the USJC mobile app.


  • Members must have a log in for the USJC membership database (which all members do, if you are not sure what it is, there should be a “forgot log in” or “password” link on that website).
  • They then use that same log in for the mobile app. They have to log in to the mobile app and tick off the requirement(s) they’ve completed & click submit.
  • The chapter president/contact then receives an email notification that there is degree activity for them to approve. That’s done through the membership database.




The second method is for those members who don’t have smartphones. They can use either the USJC Passport Guide or the Passport to Civic Leadership Brochure to tick off things they’ve completed.


  • Members need to initial & date next to the requirement and have their president initial as well.
  • Once a degree has been completed, that paperwork can be sent to the Passport to Civic Leadership Program Manager or the Membership Vice President.