Individual Development Competitions

Speaking and Writing Skills

Individual Development (ID) competitions in the area of public speaking, essay writing, and debate offer members of the organization the unique opportunity to test and showcase their skills at a statewide level.


If you want to get better at speaking with a purpose or writing to influence people, ID competitions are a great place to start. Here’s your opportunity to personally develop yourself in a friendly atmosphere. Competing in Speak-Up, Debate, and Write-Up are great ways to take that first step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there for friendly critique and growth. It is an excellent way to get feedback on things that you are good at, as well as areas that you may need to work on. The more practice you have, the more confident you will become.


Everyone in the Jaycees wants you to succeed and this experience gives you the support and feedback you need to improve. From “and’s” and “uhm’s” to run on sentences, competing will help you learn what areas need work and soon you will have that confidence to nail that presentation in front of the client or write up the proposal to earn that next project at work. All it takes is that first step. Competitions are built for that specific purpose, to help build those skills necessary to help us advance and make an impact at work and everywhere else.


So don’t just sit idle and let those opportunities pass you by; step up and better yourself by participating in the many various Individual Development competitions that the Jaycees have to offer. Who knows, by doing so, you may have just bettered your chances at making that next big step in life.



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Email if you have questions about the process or how to prepare.