Individual Development Competitions

Individual Development competitions in the area of public speaking, essay writing, and debate offer members of the organization the unique opportunity to test and showcase their skills at a statewide level.

If you want to get better at speaking with a purpose or writing to influence people, ID competitions are a great place to start. The Jaycees offer skill-building opportunities including speaking, writing, and debate competitions- all represent ways an individual Jaycee can challenge themselves.

Resume & Portfolio Competitions

The Mungenast, Armbruster, and Brownfield competition programs are opportunities for Jaycees to develop interview and resume-writing skills through the creation of a personal portfolio.

Brownfield – First year Jaycees are eligible, up to 18 months in your career
Armbruster – Second year Jaycees and up are eligible
Mungenast – Family – Can include sisters and/or brothers living in the same house-hold, single parents and couples with or without children.

Civic Leadership Certification

Civic Leadership Certification (CLC) provides the National Organization and the respective State Organization with an assessment of the services that each chapter provides its members. CLC is not an award program. It is a certification from National of the level of services a chapter offers its members.

Chapters following the guidelines outlined in the CLC are healthy chapters that will prosper and grow. All chapters achieving certification will be recognized at the Annual Meeting.

Performers Club

Performers Club is the States Award program for recognizing chapters and regions for being well rounded. Chapters are awarded point for various accomplishments and actives throughout the year. At each state convention, the top chapters in the State are recognized in the Parade of Chapters.

Passport to Civic Leadership

The Passport to Civic Leadership Program is designed to quickly immerse new members into their Jaycee careers and help veteran Jaycees grow and develop their individual, managerial and business skills. Participation in the program leads members to a satisfactory Jaycee experience and results in higher member retention for the chapter.

Chapter leaders can use the Passport to Civic Leadership program to activate their chapter’s members and track their involvement in chapter activities. Passport to Civic Leadership can also be helpful in building the energy within a chapter.

Awards and Recognition

Recognition programs are a fundamental part of the Jaycee movement. Individuals and chapters are recognized for their activities and accomplishments in their communities as well as personal and professional development.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Current and past members of the Jaycees are eligible for special recognition through the following programs:

  • Hall of Leadership
  • Statesman
  • Ambassador
  • Senator