One of our central values is placing priority on hearing the voices of young people across Minnesota. As a membership organization, governance and transparency are at the core of how JCI Minnesota functions.  The Junior Chamber, other civic organizations, fraternal organizations, and early volunteer organizations founded around the turn of the century structured themselves after our democratically-elected federal government- a natural inclination as our civil society developed in the United States.


JCI Minnesota is, in effect, a representative democracy. The governance and management of the organization is another aspect of leadership development for young members of this organization- providing preparation and understanding of government service and accountability.


The JCI Minnesota Board of Directors governing body is made up of representatives from local Chapters from across the state. Each Chapter provides the representation of their local Chapter president and a state delegate.


While being grassroots at its core, JCI is also part of a national and international parent organization that provides many avenues for connecting young people with the world around them and with other outstanding young leaders internationally. JCI USA and Junior Chamber International (JCI) offer Minnesotans training, recognition, and development opportunities at all levels of the organization.


United States Junior Chamber

Junior Chamber International