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25 Feb February Newsletter


February 25, 2016

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• Meet Regional & District Directors

• Convention

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• Chapter Road Runs

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• Upcoming National & International Events

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Meet your Regional & District Directors

Region 1 Regional Director Shane Meyer
I joined the Brainerd Jaycees in 2006. I have been the State Delegate, Community Development VP on the local level and Competitions Program Manager on the State Level. I’ve chaired the Great Northern BBQ and many many socials. I am Lifetime Statesman # 1606. My whole family is involved in Jaycees. My wife and my sister are Brainerd Jaycees, my kids are Junior Jaycees, even my dad is an honorary Brainerd Jaycees. I’ve gained so much leadership qualities through my Jaycees experience which includes career advancement and now owning/operating my own business.

I am currently self-employed doing construction and home inspections. I enjoy the outdoors, including fishing. My family is my life, including my Jaycee family. I have a wife and 3 kids, a foreign exchange student from Germany (who is also a Jr Jaycee). My Jaycee family helped me after a life-changing accident 2 years ago. Giving back to my family, friends, and community is important to me.

Region 2 Regional Director Alma Alaniz

I moved from southern Texas to northern Minnesota over 25 years ago and am proud to call Minnesota my home. I have been involved with my chapter for nearly 10 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. I have seen it grow from 20 members to 80 members over the years and have been lucky enough to build relationships within my group and the community. The Jaycees have helped me grow personally and professionally.

I am currently employed at Lakeshirts, a multi-million dollar company that does nation-wide business from the little town of Detroit Lakes, as a Human Resources assistant and Compliance Coordinator. As community oriented person, this was a perfect fit as Lakeshirts is a huge community supporter. Because of my long time involvement with organizations like the Jaycees and our local community center my duties extend farther than your basic HR responsibilities to include public relations and linking communities to our employees through event participation and volunteerism. The Jaycees and my community have kept busy for years and I hope to continue my involvement to my community and the state.

Region 3 Regional Director Christina Howe-Oeltjen

I am Christina Howe-Oeltjen and I am your 2016 Regional Director for Region 3! First off let me tell you a bit about my Jaycee career if you don’t know me. I grew up being a Jaycee kid in Monticello where my dad, Bill Howe, has been a member for as long as I can remember. I signed as a Monticello Jaycee in April 2000 and was a member until the chapter closed. More recently, I signed as a JCI Lakes Area member in October 2014. I am a mother of four and we live in Osakis, MN.

I am very excited about this year working side-by-side with our Region 3 Distract 2 Director, Melissa Piotrowski. I have enjoyed being a part of the unity in region 3 and I know that working together we can keep that unity strong. I love to meet new people and look forward to making new friends this year. If you have any questions or need anything, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Region 3 District 2 Director Melissa Piotrowski
My home chapter is New Munich Jaycees and I have been a member since 2008. I have held almost all board positions on local chapter including chapter president and was honored to walk #1 in parade chapters. Also held program manager position on state level as state secretary in 2015. I have chaired many projects in my chapter and have so many favorites That I cant name just one. I joined the Jaycees because I wanted to give back to my community and make impact on so many and will continue to do that this year as Region 3 District 2 Director.
Region 5 Regional Director Mike Slobodnik

I’m Big Mike & this year I get the pleasure of bring the Region 5 Director. I grew up in Bloomington, MN. This is my 4th year as a Jaycee. In the past I have been the following for Lake Elmo: PRVP (2) & President. I feel my true roots are on my families farm in Southwest Iowa.

This year I would love to see more unity in our region/state. I believe that strength in numbers can & will move mountains. There are a lot of chapters that could use a helping hand. I will do my best to be at all of your events. Do you need help planning an event? Please let me know! I would love to help you & your chapter out anyway that I can. Remember to talk a walk on the wild side! I look forward to seeing you all through out the year!

Region 5 District 2 Director Chad Carlson
I’m Chad Carlson from the Lake Elmo Jaycees. I’m your 2016 region 5 district 2 Director. I have been a Jaycee for 19 years and held several position for my local chapter most recently our charitable gambling manager. I also run the largest part of my chapters largest project Huff n Puff which is a 96 team softball tournament and reportedly for the largest softball tournament in the nation. I have participated in state, regional, and local events throughout the great state of Minnesota.

I enjoy many outdoor activities including hunting, golf and softball to name a few i also enjoy shooting pool and darts. I look forward to serving with you in 2016

Region 6 Regional Director Lacey Larson

I joined the Willmar Jaycees in 2013. I’m married and have 3 kids. Our family enjoys outdoor actives, We are active members of our local archery club. I work at the local hospital. I’m passionate about getting others involved in my community.

RD/DD Coach Meredith Black
I joined the Shakopee Jaycees in 2006. I have held many positions throughout my Jaycee career at the local and state level. I am excited to serve as the Regional Director/District Director Coach for 2016. Being a Regional Director in 2011 was my favorite position to date as a Jaycee. I had so much fun traveling and making new friends while experiencing new adventures that I didn’t even mind the paperwork!

Please know that I am not only here for the regional staff team, but I am available to assist all members in striving for greatness! Feel free to reach out to me anytime via email.

Spring Convention May 13th – 15th

Greetings JCI Minnesota! This is Lindsay Case your 2016 Conventions program manager. I am sure all of our chapters are having a great start of the year on projects, fundraisers, and social events. Do you know what that means? Spring Convention awards are just around the corner! Spring Convention is being held May 13th -15th at Sugar Lake Lodge in Grand Rapids. To all those who are going straight to their calendars to check… it is not Mother’s Day weekend! YAY! Conventions are a time when Jaycees across the state gather, network, learn, share ideas, and celebrate accomplishments so far in the year. This year our theme for each convention will be integrated not only in the dance on Saturday night but the whole weekend as well. Spring Convention’s theme is The Kentucky Derby. Please feel free to incorporate that into your attire for the Saturday night dinner. The schedule of events is now posted.

We have 2 trainings at Spring Convention that you will have to register in advance. TIPS Training is being held on Friday night and the trainer is Mike Chavez. The class is limited to 20 people so register early! We also have a fishing training held Saturday morning. To register for fishing you must contact Shane Meyer.

Spring Convention Registration:
To register via paper form please visit here.
To register through Eventbrite please visit here

Be sure to call Sugar Lake Lodge to book your rooms and email PM Lindsay if you have a hospitality room so she can put you on the list for hosting.

Lifetime Achievement Awards Due March 15

With convention coming up, application deadlines for the Minnesota Statesman, JCI USA Ambassador, and US JCI Senate applications are due March 15th.
The Mission of JCI Minnesota is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change

Public Relations Update from VP Tad

Meet the new online face of our Organization – jcimn.org.

Take a few minutes to browse around and familiarize yourself with the site. All the same content you’ve missed from the old site, with new blog posts and other useful JCI Minnesota data! Please send any requests for improvements to VP Tad .

Of particular importance are the LIBRARY – with all the paperwork and helpful JCI documents your chapter needs, and the CALENDAR – which shows what all is going on around the state for road running opportunities.

Do you have an event not listed? Send an e-mail to PM Angie and we’ll highlight your event via Facebook and add it to the calendar on the website.

You are all awesome people, so you deserved an awesome website – now you have it!
Happy browsing!

Management Update from VP Mary

Upcoming Management Deadlines
Thursday, February 25th – Submit your newsletters, website and Facebook screen shots

Monday, February 29th – Initial CLC Checklist submission, Plan of Action, and Sign in sheet for attending a State/National Officer Training

NOTE: If you weren’t able to make it to any of the State/National Officer Trainings that were held, you can still receive parade points by watching the US Jaycees Civic Leadership Certification Webinar here. Please send and email to VP Mary and PM Jessica after you’ve completed the webinar.

All management related documents are located in the library on the website here.

Community Development Update from VP Kristen

Community Development project report forms are due by April 15th here. Deadlines are fast approaching for the end of the Quarter. That also means that you will need to get your Community Development Forms done. .

Pitch, Hit & Run is fast approaching! Makes sure you get your kits ordered. Please email VP Kristen and PM Zach with your dates if you are hosting a PHR so that we can get them sent out in time for other chapters to be able to attend, and so we can come help out your chapter. Deadline to run PHR is May 8th 2016. If you need any help we are here to help.

Camp Clean-up is April 22-24th Get your chapter signed up today. The time is coming fast for the JCI Minnesota to take time to help get Confidence Learning Center ready for another year of providing unique experiences in nature to physically and mentally challenged individuals. We will be doing multiple tasks throughout the weekend, including: painting, chopping wood, cleaning, etc. You can start arriving on Friday night and socialize with others. Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm volunteers will be conducting multiple tasks. After a hard day of working you can sit back and relax, join a possible bonfire and play some games. Camp is hosting a dinner Saturday night and the cost is $5.00 per person to eat. The $5.00 iis a free will donation. Please let PM Chris Piekarski or VP Kristen Lloyd know if you are planning on attending so we can get lodging figured out. Visit the Facebook event here.

Soup 4 Souls Project is designed to help chapters get out and help in our communities while building individual growth and development. It runs March 1st through March 31st. If you want to know more about this project, please contact PM Dana Listerud.

Individual Development Update from VP Robin

There is still time to register for JCI Achieve and JCI Networking in New Munich and Effective Communications and Omoiyari hosted by Lakes Area in Alexandria this weekend. You will need to pre-register for the course to attend. To register, log into JCI.cc, click on the training tab, and search for upcoming courses.

Bemidji is doing an ID college on March 5th including JCI Impact, Brain Trauma, and a new member orientation.

The State Bowling Tournament is just two short weeks away. The single and doubles tournament will take place on Saturday 3/12 with the team competition taking place on Sunday 3/13. Visit www.SSPJaycees.org and click on the image for the bowling tournament for more information.

Register by February 29th for the early bird rate

For state bowling flies click here.

Chapter Road Runs

We’ve got all kinds of Road Run opportunities coming up within the next month! So many that they can’t all fit in this newsletter! Be sure to check out www.jcimn.org for even more Road Run greatness! If you see Road Run PM Beth Walser out and about, take a selfie with her and use #WheresWalser #JCIMN
The Vision of JCI Minnesota is to be the leading global network of young active citizens
Chapter Presidents Coach Ann Piotrowski
Just want to send out a reminder to all of our Chapter Presidents that we have our monthly Presidents Call on Monday, March 21, 2016 at 9:00 pm.
Phone calls are the 3rd Monday of each month at 9 pm.
Please have 2 -3 projects or events going on in your area/chapter for each call.
Call (712) 432-0080 Password – 187272

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Email, text, or call.
Ann Piotrowski 320.492.3559

Passport to Leadership PM Carissa Meyer
When you signed up to be a JCI member, did you know what to do to be a strong member, or how you could immediately start having impact on your community? Some of us had great mentors, others found our way over many years of deciding to jump in somewhat blindfolded (metaphorically speaking, of course!).

JCI has created a program that is your road map and guide for your JCI experience. It’s called Passport to Civic Leadership. Whether you have been a JCI member for 10 minutes or 10 years, the Passport to Civic Leadership program is the number one JCI tool for activation. The Passport program is designed to maximize the value and experience of your JCI membership.
Read More

Upcoming National/International Events
2016 National Meeting will be on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico from April 7-11. More info here.

2016 National Meeting will be in Detroit, Michigan from September 22-25. More info here..

JCI World Congress will be in Quebec, Canada from October 30 – November 4. More info here.

Newsletter Submissions
To include any information in upcoming newsletters, please send to Communications PM Sarah Stenerson at gopher@mnjaycees.org by the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month.