January Newsletter

30 Jan January Newsletter

A supplement newsletter of JCI Minnesota
January 2016

In This Issue

• A Message from President Josh
• Updates from the Executive Team
 Road Runs
• Meet Team 2016

• Staff Updates

• Upcoming National & International Events

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A Message from President Josh

Hello JCI Minnesota! I’m very excited for 2016. When I helped charter South St Paul back in November 2007 I never thought that I would be addressing the Minnesota Jaycees as State President 9 years later.  I’m also excited to attend and see some of the great projects we run as Minnesota Jaycees.  Team 2016 has many great goals for the year and these goals cannot be accomplished without the help of all our members. We are here to help with whatever individual members or chapters need. Thank you for this opportunity to lead this great organization to Think Different and Be Better!

The Mission of the Minnesota Jaycees is to provide the opportunity for young individuals to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change.

Administrative Update from VP Amie

I am here to help guide your chapter through the administrative tasks.  A few items that your chapter needs to do are:
  • File a 990N, 990EZ, or 990 with the IRS
  • File a corporate renewal with Minnesota Secretary of State at https://mblsportal.sos.state.mn.us/
  • Notify us of your chapters 2016 board of directors and their contact info
  • Sign up for direct pay – not required, but highly recommended

Please let me know if you have questions at any time.

Membership Update from VP Kathleen

It’s Not The Numbers; It’s The Experience
Dear Local Presidents and State Delegates,
I don’t know about you, but I joined the Jaycees (JCI) not to be a number, not because I thought about helping a chapter or state get to growth, but because I wanted a certain experience. I wanted to be a leader. More importantly, I wanted to make a difference.
When we are planning our projects for the year, and making our plans to grow our chapters, I encourage you to keep this in mind. Our members join because they want experiences. They join because they want to be active citizens that make a positive difference. They want to feel empowered to make change. They join because the Jaycees (JCI) say we can deliver on that. After all, the mission is, “To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.”
When we take this approach, of offering the Jaycee (JCI) experience, members will come. When we deliver on our promise to provide an experience where they can grow as leaders and they can have a positive impact on the community, they will stay. Members will invest their time, their energy, and their caring in the organization. They will invite others because of the experience they had, not because they are a number in the membership system.
Invite members not because of the pressure to shoot for a number, but because we can’t stop ourselves from wanting to extend this amazing opportunity to the rest of the world.
Individual Development Update from VP Robin

The ID team will be sending out a survey in the next newsletter to determine interest in training topics. Conventions PM Lindsay and I have some fabulous ideas for Spring All State convention trainings and activities, but we’re always looking for more.

Please let us know if you would like help setting up any board trainings, membership trainings, or JCI courses. 

In order to meet CLC requirements, you will need to (for the ID area):

-conduct a training/orientation of your board of directors by 1/31/16
-conduct four (4) new member orientations, 
-hold a Passport to Leadership training, 
-send at least one member to JCI Impact, JCI Admin, or JCI Achieve
-have at least two members participate in competitions at the local, district, regional, state, national, or international level
-have at least three (3) members participate in at least one USJC Webinar per quarter–or have one member participate in at least one USJC or JCI event
We are looking for chapters to possibly host JCI Impact, Admin, and Achieve outside of a convention. We are also looking for chapters who may be interested in conducting the Poverty Simulator activity. Please contact me for more information.
Please let PM David and myself know if your chapter is interested in holding competitions or competitions trainings.
Community Development Update from VP Kristen
Remember we  have a few new projects opened up to the state.Pop a top save a life!
Help us collect the pop tabs for the Shriners children’s Hospital. turn in the pop tabs to PM Chris Piekarski at any 2016 convention. Help us keep track of the tabs you collect my filling out the pop Google doc. The person with the most tabs will win a JCI Hoodie! Watch out for this event on Facebook!Camp Confidence clean up weekend is April 22 through the 24th. Be sure to get your chapter sign up before April 17, 2016. Please contact PM Chris Piekarski to RSVP. Cabins are filling up fast! More event information on FacebookDon’t forget to get registered for Pitch Hit & Run for the spring. It’s a super simple project to register for an even run. If you have any questions or need any help please contact PM Zachariah Johnson

Help us raise money for camp! Our goal is $13,000. We are raising money for handicap golf cart for camp confidence. Please be sure to get on the agenda is to ask your chapter if they are donating towards this cause. Each chapter that donates will get the put their chapter logo on the golf cart and it will be displayed at camp confidence as the GC golf cart.

Keep an eye out for Nothing But Nets – Net Em project! We netted people which raised $200 for Nothing But Nets. Be on the lookout for chapters netting other chapters! Let’s be part of the IMPACT today.

The war has started! Get on board with the 2016 Camp Confidence wish list war!  For more information please contact PM Chris Piekarski.

Soup for Souls
This project starts March 1 and runs through March 31 of 2016. Each local chapter is asked to provide three members to volunteer at a soup kitchen around Minnesota. For more information please contact ACF@mnjaycees.org

Management Update from VP Mary

Hopefully by now you’ve all had a chance to review the key management documents to get you started for the year. You’ll notice the CLC and Performers Club work very closely with each other. I created a cheat sheet of sorts to help tie the two documents together.Please see the notes in red on the 2016 CLC Chapter Cheat Sheet.

Also, keep a close eye on the calendar of events for important due dates. I hope you all took advantage of the screen shot submissions due on the 25th. 
Items due by January 31st
  • Update Chapter Contact information in the Membership Database
  • Conduct a Board Training
Upcoming Webinars
The US Jaycees have some great webinars coming up. Check them out here
As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Public Relations Update from VP Tad


JCI Minnesota! As a young person’s organization, we are great using social media. Let’s take advantage of that! As you run projects and post Jaycee information – use #JCIMN and #YourChapter! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Msypace (what?) – all of the above. Hashtag your way to greatness. This helps spread awareness of our brand, lets your fellow Jaycees know when you’re up to awesome things, and will get potential members who want in on the fun interested.
Plus, it’s worth parade points, and everyone loves easy parade points.

Road Runs – All new fun!

Here are a sampling of Road Runs coming up in the near future! Be sure to check out http://www.mnjaycees.org for even more Road Run awesomeness!
Also if you see me, Road Run PM Beth Walser, out and about to take a selfie with me and use #WheresWalser #JCIMN
Monday February 1st 4PM-9PM
Lake Elmo Jaycees Take the Hill! Winter Carnival Ice Slide Manpower
Minnesota State Fairgrounds St Paul, MN 

February 5th 7:30PM 

Meat Raffle
Hofbrau, New Munich, MN
Saturday February 6th 1PM
Bemidji Jaycees BRRRmidji Plunge
Lake Bemidji, Minnesota 56601
Saturday February 6th 5:30PM-7:30PM
STP360 JCI Saint Paul Watch the Torchlight Parade

Dunn Brothers Coffee  367 Wabasha St.N, St Paul, Minnesota

Friday February 12th 7PM
New Munich Jaycees 1st Quarter Birthday Meal
Molitors Quarry Grill and Bar Sauk Rapids, MN 
Saturday February 13th 4PM-6PM
Lake Elmo Jaycees Bowling Social
Sun Ray Lanes St Paul, MN 
Saturday February 20th 3PM-10PM
JCI Shakopee Pool Party Social
Water Park of America Bloomington, MN
See You On The Road! 

The Minnesota Jaycees envisions a pathway of personal development for young people who emerge as leaders while improving their communities.

Meet Team 2016

Executive Director Erin Carney execdirector@mnjaycees.org
Immediate Past President Juanita Beauchamp cob@mnjaycees.org
President Josh Regan president@mnjaycees.org
Administrative VP Amie Klouse adminvp@mnjaycees.org
Community Development VP Kristen Lloyd cdvp@mnjaycees.org
Individual Development VP Robin Groetsch idvp@mnjaycees.org
Management VP Mary Zimmermann mdvp@mnjaycees.org
Membership VP Kathleen Sprole membershipvp@mnjaycees.org
Public Relations VP Tad Johnson prvp@mnjaycees.org
Conventions PM Lindsay Case conventions@mnjaycees.org
Kids Convention PM Laura Ferguson kidsconvention@mnjaycees.org
Legal Counsel Adam Houck AHouck@adamsrizzisween.com
ONTO PM OPEN onto@mnjaycees.org
Parliamentarian Drew Kothenbeutel parliamentarian@mnjaycees.org
Secretary Megan Haber secretary@mnjaycees.org
Treasurer Lucy Hagemeier treasurer@mnjaycees.org
Active Citizen Framework (ACF) PM Dana Listerud acf@mnjaycees.org
Confidence Learning Center PM Chris Piekarski partnerprojects@mnjaycees.org
Priority Projects PM OPEN stateprojects@mnjaycees.org
Youth Sports PM Zachariah Johnson youthsports@mnjaycees.org
Chaplain OPEN chaplain@mnjaycees.org
Competitions PM David Waldorf competitions@mnjaycees.org
First Timer PM Tiffah Wright firsttimer@mnjaycees.org
Training PM OPEN training@mnjaycees.org
Awards PM RandiSu Tanem awards@mnjaycees.org
CLC/Parade PM Jessica Kennedy parade@mnjaycees.org
Alumni Coordinator Jeri Lemke
Alumni Coordinator Jari Steinlage
Junior Jaycee PM Sheena Ziegler jrjaycees@mnjaycees.org
Passport to Leadership PM Carissa Meyer passport@mnjaycees.org
Retention/Recruitment Coordinator Drew Nerdahl retention@mnjaycees.org
Road Run PM Beth Walser roadrun@mnjaycees.org
Communications PM Sarah Stenerson gopher@mnjaycees.org
Marketing PM Angie Nelson marketing@mnjaycees.org
Promotional Materials PM Kristine Neis swag@mnjaycees.org
TOYM PM Debbie Ackerman toym@mnjaycees.org
Local Presidents Coach Ann Piotrowski ch.presidentcoach@mnjaycees.org
RD/DD Coach Meredith Black rd.dd.coach@mnjaycees.org
Primary Political Advisor Mike Chavez redsox42us@yahoo.com
Secondary Political Advisor Char Blashill clblashill@gmail.com
Presidential Advisor Josh Bohmbach jbohmbach@gmail.com
Presidential Advisor Kris Wilke kwilke710@gmail.com
Presidential Assistant Sarah Vogt pa@mnjaycees.org
Region 1 Regional Director Shane Meyer rd1@mnjaycees.org
R1 District Director 1 OPEN
R1 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 2 Regional Director Alma Alaniz rd2@mnjaycees.org
R2 District Director 1 OPEN
R2 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 3 Regional Director Christina Howe-Oeltjen rd3@mnjaycees.org
R3 District Director 1 OPEN
R3 District Director 2 Melissa Piotrowski lyssaa04@hotmail.com
Region 4 Regional Director OPEN
R4 District Director 1 OPEN
R4 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 5 Regional Director Mike Slobodnik rd5@mnjaycees.org
R5 District Director 1 OPEN
R5 District Director 2 Chad Carlson c7chad@gmail.com
Region 6 Regional Director Lacey Larson rd6@mnjaycees.org
R6 District Director 1 OPEN
R6 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 7 Regional Director OPEN rd7@mnjaycees.org
R7 District Director 1 OPEN
R7 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 8 Regional Director OPEN rd8@mnjaycees.org
R8 District Director 1 OPEN
R8 District Director 2 OPEN

If you are interested in a state staff position, contact President Josh

Region 5 Regional Director Mike Slobodnik
Region 5!
I’m Big Mike & I have the pleasure of being your Region Director.  I am looking to build better unity in the region!  Why? You ask? So that way when we do events & socials more people show up!  Many hands make for light work!
We also have a District Director Chad Carlson feel free to email him at c7chad@gmail.com he helps out with Lake Elmo, St. Paul, South St. Paul!  If you are looking to be more involved & are in the following areas I am still looking for a district director in Minneapolis, Hopkins, Delano, & Northwest Area.We will be ordering Region shirts for Region 5.  They will be a Dry Fit material to keep us cool in the summer months. They will be $25 per shirt.I look forward to working with you & your chapters in any way possible! Let’s make 2016 an amazing year & Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Local Chapter Presidents Coach Ann Piotrowski

Just a reminder to all chapter presidents that your presidents call with me your presidents coach will be the 3rd Monday of each month at 9 pm.  We had our first call this past Monday and I would like to thank all of the chapter presidents who were able to make the call.  Just know I am here if you need anything from me I can be reached at 320-492-3559 or send me a text.  The next call will be February 15, 2016 at 9 pm. 712-432-0080 passcode:  187272

March 12-13 – Hosted by South Saint Paul
For state bowling flies click here.

Upcoming National & International Events
2016 National Meeting will be on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico from April 7-11.  More info here.2016 National Meeting will be in Detroit, Michigan from September 22-25.  More info here..JCI World Congress will be in Quebec, Canada from October 30 – November 4.  Early Bird Registration is thru January 31.  More info here.

Upcoming Newsletters

To include any information in upcoming newsletter, please contact Communications PM Sarah Stenerson at gopher@mnjaycees.org or phone/text 218-330-2604.