January Newsletter

18 Jan January Newsletter

Meet the Executive Team

President Josh Regan
I am Josh Regan, a charter member of the South St. Paul Jaycees and have served in numerous local roles including chapter Treasurer, Management Development Vice President, and President. I have also has served the Minnesota Jaycees as the Road Run Program Manager, First Timers Program Manager and as Region 6 Regional Director. I have earned the Charles Kulp Jr. Award, numerous Presidential Medallions, Bronze keys, a silver key and a national presidential medallion.

Administrative Vice President Amie Klouse
Hi I am Amie Klouse your 2016 Admin VP. I am from the Austin chapter. yes that is almost to Iowa! I live on a farm with my husband Brian and our two girls Maddison and Katelynn. One of my favorite things is my goats. We currently raise and show our show goats. Our children are active in our county 4H but still too young to go to state fair. We show the goats not only at the county fair but other open shows around the state and nearby states. We currently have 20 goats with 12 expecting babies between now and the middle of April. We also have a few sheep and two llamas and two calves. As many of you know my favorite color is orange! I am looking forward to working with all the chapters this year as your Admin VP.

Community Development Vice President Kristen Lloyd
I am Kristen Lloyd from JCI Lakes Area Chapter. I have two boys name Kaden and Bryson, who also love being Jaycees. Our family Mascot is our Pug dog Roxy. I have been a daycare provider for 10 years and love to travel. Some of my hobbies are, graphics, reading, music and meeting new people. I am super excited to be your Community Development Vice President for 2016.

Individual Development Vice President Robin Groetch
I am excited for the beginning of a new year and the new opportunities provided through JCI Minnesota. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Robin Groetsch. I am the Individual Development Vice President for JCI Minnesota for 2016. I joined the St. Cloud chapter in April of 2003. I have served at the local level as Secretary, Treasurer, State Delegate, Membership VP, Management VP, Individual Development VP, and President, twice. At the state level, I have served as Region 3 Director, Passport to Leadership Program Manager, Management Vice President, and Regional Director/District Director Coach. I am a Tenth Degree Jaycee and a JCI Certified Local Trainer. Please let me know if you are interested in bringing training opportunities or mock competitions to your local or regional levels. The ID Team will be happy to help!

Management Development Vice President Mary Zimmermann
I joined the Brainerd Jaycees in October of 2010. Leading up to my current role as Management VP for JCI MN, I served as the CLC/Parade Program Manager, local chapter president and local Management VP. I work at Habitat for Humanity and aside from volunteering I enjoy running. Running is my favorite.

Membership Vice President Kathleen Sprole

I have been involved in the Jaycees since 2008 and have held various positions on the local, regional, and state levels. I have used my Jaycees experience to improve my leadership skills and become an entrepreneur and public speaker. This year I am the Membership VP. my goals include improving the membership experience, strengthening current chapters, and growing the state membership by year end.

Public Relations Vice President Tad Johnson
Hello JCI MN! I am excited to be your Public Relations Vice President for 2016! I have been on my local chapter board for 6 years, and a program manager for JCI MN in 2013. I have won a few awards over my JCI career. For my day job, I am a CPA at B. Johnson & Assoc., Ltd, a public accounting firm in Brainerd. I have two beautiful wonderful little children, who are basically the entirety of my little universe. In the limited free time I fish! Not to be confused with the sport of catching, I am really only adept at fishing. I truly respect the awesomeness of our Organization, and am excited to serve as your PRVP for this year! #JCIMN

Immediate Past President Juanita Beauchamp

Juanita Beauchamp joined the Sauk Rapids Jaycees in 2004. Throughout her Jaycee career she has served in many leadership positions at the local, state and national levels including the Minnesota State & Ambassador Presidents. She has also served as the United States Jaycees National Support our Troops/Toys for TOTS Program Manager, State Management Vice President, Region 3 Regional Director, Statesman Treasurer and Chapter President. Juanita, a 10th Degree Jaycee has received many awards including, the Clint Dunagan Award, Charles Kulp Jr. Award, National and State Presidential Medallions, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards and State Keys for serving in multiple Program Manager, Regional Director and local positions. Juanita is JCI Senator #74247, Lifetime Ambassador #4279, Lifetime MN Statesman #1501and she was the 84th President of JCI MN in 2015 and is a 2016 JCI USA National Vice President.

Juanita credits the Jaycees for helping her step up not only at her job as a Program Technician for the USDA-Benton/Mille Lacs Farm Service Agency, but also to leadership roles within her the community including her church, Foley Civic Group, Benton County Relay for Life and Skywarn.

On her days off she likes to go to garage sales, antique shopping and work on crafts. Juanita resides in Foley, MN with her husband Russell and her 5 year old daughter Sophia.

Executive Director Erin Carney

Erin is the Executive Director of JCI Minnesota as well as a member of the Hopkins Area Jaycees with her husband Adam. She serves as chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and is also involved with the Women of Today and the American Diabetes Association of Minnesota.
The Mission of the Minnesota Jaycees is to provide the opportunity for young individuals to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change.
Administrative Update from VP Amie

I am here to help guide your chapter through the administrative tasks. A few items that your chapter needs to do are:
  • File a 990N, 990EZ, or 990 with the IRS
  • File a corporate renewal with Minnesota Secretary of State at https://mblsportal.sos.state.mn.us/
  • Notify us of your chapters 2016 board of directors and their contact info
  • Sign up for direct pay – not required, but highly recommended

Please let me know if you have questions at any time.

Membership Update from VP Kathleen

It’s 2016, the ball has dropped, and now it’s time to get the ball rolling!
JCI Minnesota has many goals regarding growth, activation and retention this year. We are 1422 members strong and we plan to grow!
Has your chapter talked about your membership recruitment, retention, and activation plan? This organization is too great to keep a secret! It’s time to spread the word about this organization and how our members create positive change as they become community leaders.
To get your chapter off to a good start, there are some great tools on the US Jaycees website that any chapter can use. Here is the link to the library: http://www.jci.cc/local/info/usa/ourlibrary .Under, “Documents Your Chapter May Need,” you will find some helpful documents with tips for corporate sponsorship, starting a new chapter, and marketing plans. There is even information on the “Shoot for Success” program that is designed to help your chapter increase its recruitment efforts and add more members.
Please use your Regional Directors and cross assigned Vice Presidents to help your recruitment efforts. We are all here to help support the local chapters and the individual members within them. We are, after all, a membership organization.
A call for help:
We love to help your chapters grow, but we know getting many calls, texts, emails, etc. just about your membership renewals and drops can be a total drag. To avoid this, please mark your renewals and drops as soon as possible at the beginning of each quarter. If you have questions about using the membership system or how payments work, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you in advance!
Community Development Update from VP Kristen
My plans for 2016 is to have fun and shake stuff up. I have new exciting projects to introduce. These projects are designed to help create chapter/state unity and help impact people throughout our State. They are::
  • Soup 4 Souls (Sustainable Development Goals) – Active Citizen Framework PM Dana Listrud
  • Net em’ (Nothing but Nets) hosted by The New Munich Jaycees
  • POP TOPS (Children’s Hospital) – Partner Projects PM Chris Piekarski
  • Camp Confidence Golf Cart fundraiser “Get on board so campers can too” – Partner Projects PM Chris Piekarski
A few reminders:
  • Camp Confidence Clean up will be April 22-24th, 2016.- Partner Projects PM Chris Piekarski
  • Pitch Hit and Run registration is now open! – Youth Sports PM Zach Johnson
To view files for these projects, click here.
There will be more information Friday night at convention. Each project will have a table Friday night at convention. Chris Piekarski will also be collecting pop tabs Friday and Saturday nights.Feel free to call, email or reach out to ask me or any of my Program Managers questions.

Management Update from VP Mary

My name is Mary Zimmermann and I will be serving as your 2016 Management VP for JCI Minnesota. As you are making your goals and plans for 2016, please be sure to document your great work and tell us and your community about it! There are several documents that will be helpful for you and your chapter leaders in 2016 and are updated as of 1/6/16. Click here to view the documents listed below:
  • Calendar of important due dates
  • Chapter Plan of Action Template
  • JCI USA Civic Leadership Certification (CLC) Guide and Checklist
  • JCI MN Performers Club/Parade of Chapters
The JCI MN State Staff team diligently reviewed the documents from 2015, updated them to align more with JCI USA, and hopefully simplified the process for everyone. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to explain the changes and get each and every chapter off to a great start!

Public Relations Update from VP Tad

I am really excited to make communications from the state much clearer and more efficient, and want to greatly improve the communication amongst and between local chapters! JCI Minnesota would like to make all of the chapters and members of our organization lives easier by the following changes to the way the state communicates with chapters, and the way chapters communicate with each other.

A more extensive monthly electronic newsletter, convention newsletter will be sent to all members and a supplement monthly electronic communication to chapter board members.

  • The monthly newsletter will go out on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Submissions will be due 1 week prior (The first Thursday of each month).

  • The monthly supplement communication to the chapter board members will go out the 4th Thursday of each month. Submissions will be due 1 week prior (3rd Thursday of each month). This will include any detailed and/or time sensitive information.

  • In addition, a convention newsletter will be sent out to all members about one week prior to convention with all the information you need for convention: weekend schedule, BOD agenda and minutes, training descriptions, competition topics, last call, etc.

Newsletter article submissions should be sent to gopher@mnjaycees.org no later than 1 week prior to the 2nd & 4th Thursday publication. This includes state organization and local chapter information (roadrun info, events, manpower needs, etc). The electronic newsletters will be available to alumni and the public via subscription and the website. These will include all of the information that used to go out in yahoo groups and Gopher newsletter. With the supplement communication, it is very important to send the 2016 chapter board information to ensure that the information is received. Please update it here if it hasn’t been done already.

Notice: Due to the low participation, as of January 31 we will no longer utilize the J-Mail and MNJC yahoo groups as communication. Less than 5% of membership subscribes to these communications.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and pick my brain – I want to help! Here’s to a phenomenal 2016!

Road Runs – All new fun!

We have some exciting new changes with Road Runs this year! In addition to tracking individual road runs and miles, we will also be tracking and there will be an award for the most unique chapters visited!
You’ve heard of Where’s Waldo before, now we have our own JCI MN twist, Where’s Walser! Find me (Beth Walser 2016 Road Runs PM) out at different road runs, take a selfie with me and post it to social media with the hashtag #WheresWalser Each post earns you 5 fun points (NOT parade points) the person with the most points by Spring Convention gets a $25 Gift Card!
To learn more be sure to check out the Road Runs table at convention!
Here are just a couple upcoming Road Runs to get you started for the year!
Be sure to check out http://www.mnjaycees.org/calendar/ for the full list
January 17th 8AM-12PM
Fairfax Jaycees Annual Pancake Breakfast
Squirrels Bar & Grill, 105 1st Ave SW, Fairfax, MN
January 18th
6:30PM Cash Raffle Training
7PM New Munich Jaycees Board & General Membership Meeting
New Munich Town Hall
January 23rd 12PM-3PM
26th Annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza
Hole in the Day Bay, Gull Lake, Brainerd, MN
January 23rd 4PM-7PM
Saint Paul Jaycees Join Us on the Ice – Ice Skating Social
Rice Park, 109 W 4th St, St Paul, MN 55102
February 5th 7:30PM
Meat Raffle
Hofbrau, New Munich, MN
Saturday February 6th 1PM
Bemidji Jaycees BRRRmidji Plunge
Lake Bemidji, Minnesota 56601
February 12th 7PM
Birthday Meal
Molitors, St. Cloud, MN
February 19th 7PM

Casino Night
New Munich Town Hall

The Minnesota Jaycees envisions a pathway of personal development for young people who emerge as leaders while improving their communities.
Meet Team 2016

Executive Director Erin Carney execdirector@mnjaycees.org
Immediate Past President Juanita Beauchamp cob@mnjaycees.org
President Josh Regan president@mnjaycees.org
Administrative VP Amie Klouse adminvp@mnjaycees.org
Community Development VP Kristen Lloyd cdvp@mnjaycees.org
Individual Development VP Robin Groetsch idvp@mnjaycees.org
Management VP Mary Zimmermann mdvp@mnjaycees.org
Membership VP Kathleen Sprole membershipvp@mnjaycees.org
Public Relations VP Tad Johnson prvp@mnjaycees.org
Conventions PM Lindsay Case conventions@mnjaycees.org
Kids Convention PM Laura Ferguson kidsconvention@mnjaycees.org
Legal Counsel Adam Houck AHouck@adamsrizzisween.com
ONTO PM OPEN onto@mnjaycees.org
Parliamentarian Drew Kothenbeutel parliamentarian@mnjaycees.org
Secretary Megan Haber secretary@mnjaycees.org
Treasurer Lucy Hagemeier treasurer@mnjaycees.org
Active Citizen Framework (ACF) PM Dana Listerud acf@mnjaycees.org
Confidence Learning Center PM Chris Piekarski partnerprojects@mnjaycees.org
Priority Projects PM OPEN stateprojects@mnjaycees.org
Youth Sports PM Zachariah Johnson youthsports@mnjaycees.org
Chaplain OPEN chaplain@mnjaycees.org
Competitions PM David Waldorf competitions@mnjaycees.org
First Timer PM Tiffah Wright firsttimer@mnjaycees.org
Training PM OPEN training@mnjaycees.org
Awards PM RandiSu Tanem awards@mnjaycees.org
CLC/Parade PM Jessica Kennedy parade@mnjaycees.org
Alumni Coordinator Jeri Lemke
Alumni Coordinator Jari Steinlage
Junior Jaycee PM Sheena Ziegler jrjaycees@mnjaycees.org
Passport to Leadership PM Carissa Meyer passport@mnjaycees.org
Retention/Recruitment Coordinator Drew Nerdahl retention@mnjaycees.org
Road Run PM Beth Walser roadrun@mnjaycees.org
Communications PM Sarah Stenerson gopher@mnjaycees.org
Marketing PM Angie Nelson marketing@mnjaycees.org
Promotional Materials PM Kristine Neis swag@mnjaycees.org
TOYM PM Debbie Ackerman toym@mnjaycees.org
Local Presidents Coach Ann Piotrowski ch.presidentcoach@mnjaycees.org
RD/DD Coach Meredith Black rd.dd.coach@mnjaycees.org
Primary Political Advisor Mike Chavez redsox42us@yahoo.com
Secondary Political Advisor Char Blashill clblashill@gmail.com
Presidential Advisor Josh Bohmbach jbohmbach@gmail.com
Presidential Advisor Kris Wilke kwilke710@gmail.com
Presidential Assistant Sarah Vogt pa@mnjaycees.org
Region 1 Regional Director Shane Meyer rd1@mnjaycees.org
R1 District Director 1 OPEN
R1 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 2 Regional Director Alma Alaniz rd2@mnjaycees.org
R2 District Director 1 OPEN
R2 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 3 Regional Director Christina Howe-Oeltjen rd3@mnjaycees.org
R3 District Director 1 OPEN
R3 District Director 2 Melissa Piotrowski lyssaa04@hotmail.com
Region 4 Regional Director OPEN
R4 District Director 1 OPEN
R4 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 5 Regional Director Mike Slobodnik rd5@mnjaycees.org
R5 District Director 1 OPEN
R5 District Director 2 Chad Carlson c7chad@gmail.com
Region 6 Regional Director Lacey Larson rd6@mnjaycees.org
R6 District Director 1 OPEN
R6 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 7 Regional Director OPEN rd7@mnjaycees.org
R7 District Director 1 OPEN
R7 District Director 2 OPEN
Region 8 Regional Director OPEN rd8@mnjaycees.org
R8 District Director 1 OPEN
R8 District Director 2 OPEN

If you are interested in a state staff position, contact President Josh

Treasurer Lucy Hagemeier
Happy New Year! As we all settle back into our normal lives, now is a great time to set our goals for the New Year. In the accounting world, it is the best time to make upgrades to your accounting systems. If you are still on paper pencil ledgers, I urge you to look at software. If you have been using software already, look at a feature you have not been using.In the software I have found Quickbooks to be very user friendly and cost effective. It has many features but you can choose how much you want to use. Start small and just use it to balance your checkbook. Later you can use to track bills and set budgets. The online version is easy to pass access from one person to another as people move into positions.

By far the best feature of software is the ability to pull reports easily and often. This provides the transparency to help prevent fraud within our chapters. Who currently knows which checks have been written and what they are for besides your treasurer?

Fraud is a real problem and while we all would love to say it does not happen in our chapters, do we really know? It is better to put a system in place before it happens than to deal with the consequences after. If you have questions or need help please reach out to me at treasurer@mnjaycees.org.

Secondary Political Advisor Char Blashill
I am super excited to be serving on State Staff this year as the Secondary Political Advisor! I can honestly say that it was never a position I had thought I would get the chance to serve in but when President Josh asked me to consider it, I was both honored and surprised.

The political end of the Jaycees has always fascinated me, all the way back from the time when I first joined in 2002. I remember having conversations back in those early years with Dave Cooper, who was the Primary Political Advisor then. He is a JCI Senator and was always patient and open to the million questions I had for him. I hope to become as knowledgeable as he was then and be the same type of resource to anyone who wants to know how “it” all works in that realm of the Jaycees. It will be a lot for me to learn but I am looking forward to the challenge and excited for what lies ahead!

As the Secondary, I will be assisting the Primary Political Advisor Mike Chavez in his role. We will be relaying to you the dates of upcoming JCI events and helping those members who wish to pursue their goals and aspirations of furthering their Jaycees career, by running for or applying for positions on state, national or international levels of the Jaycees. If this interests you at all please do not hesitate to reach out to Mike or myself.

I wish all of you a successful year and I hope to see many of you at the next convention or down the road.

Local Chapter Presidents Coach Ann Piotrowski
Chapter Presidents! We have our first monthly phone call coming up this next week.
Monday, January 18, 2016 9:00 PM
Phone calls for the 3rd Monday of each month at 9 pm.
Please have 2 -3 projects going on in your area/chapter for each call.
Call (712) 432-0080 Password – 187272

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Email, text, or call.

Ann Piotrowski 320.492.3559

March 12-13 – Hosted by South Saint Paul
For state bowling flies click here.

Upcoming National & International Events

2016 National Meeting will be on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico from April 7-11. More info here.

2016 National Meeting will be in Detroit, Michigan from September 22-25. More info here..

JCI World Congress will be in Quebec, Canada from October 30 – November 4. Early Bird Registration is thru January 31. More info here.

Upcoming Newsletters

To include any information in upcoming newsletter, please contact Communications PM Sarah Stenerson at gopher@mnjaycees.org or phone/text 218-330-2604.